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"Together We Will Create The Ceremony Moment"

Marriage is a joyous event that brings two individuals together, becoming one through love.
Your joining may have begun with love at first sight, as longtime friends, on the internet or as two people attracted to each other.  No matter how you met, your joining developed into romance, blossomed into love and led to an unyielding desire to spend the rest of your lives with each other in a marital commitment.
Together we will create what is respectfully known as the “Ceremony Moment”.  We will personalize your wedding ceremony from the processional to the candle lighting, from the vows to the exchange of rings and lastly the pronouncement of husband and wife.  This Ceremony Moment will be the fundamental foundation, upon which your commitment to each other will begin.

Wedding Traditions:

We can add unique wedding traditions to your ceremony
                           Unity Candle                          
Unity Cord & Veil/Exchange of Gold Coins
Sand Ceremony
Rose Presentation
Jumping of the Broom
Readings/Poems/Personal vows and much more...

Optional One-on-One Consultation:
The Pillars of Marriage are the blueprints upon which you and your soon to be spouse will build the various elements of your marriage.  Our optional one-on-one premarital counseling session is designed to provide you with a roadmap; and, to help your realize your expectations of one another in your marriage. We will briefly discuss religion, the husband's role, the wife's role, family, finances and many other
Pillars of Marriage.
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